Hips, Thighs, and the Nanaimo Factor

Many thanks to my good friend Jeff Buckman for introducing me to the sport of snowshoeing. Having spent most of my adult life in the Great White North, I shouldn’t have needed a guy from Pennsyltucky to perform this essential function. Nor should I need a guy from Michigan to introduce me to ice fishing,Continue reading “Hips, Thighs, and the Nanaimo Factor”

On Dirt, Grass, and Human Stupidity

When we lived in Atlanta, a group of our Homeowners’ Association members rented an aerator one Saturday and went to town on our yards. As were were working, an Asian man–a newcomer to the USA–stopped by to watch for a few minutes. “What are you doing?” he asked me in heavily accented English. “We’re pokingContinue reading “On Dirt, Grass, and Human Stupidity”

Culture in Canuckistan: Shacking Up, Ontario Style

This morning I spent an hour or so theogling on Trail 10, where I was also able to resurface the entire eastbound lane in one fell swoop (it was clearly not a government contract.) When I reached the bank of the Ottawa River at Shirley’s Bay, I decided to satisfy my curiosity about ice fishing–aContinue reading “Culture in Canuckistan: Shacking Up, Ontario Style”

The Middle-Aged Man and the Bike

The forest is fragrant and still. Dappled with sunlight. Birds revel in the glory of the summer morning with chirping and singing. And with what seems to him like derisive laughter. Unseen they laugh, from high in the stout maples and towering pines. The trail is steep. Rocky. The rocks are sharp. And hard, veryContinue reading “The Middle-Aged Man and the Bike”

Weekly Photo Challenge: TODAY

This came on Friday, and the challenger insists that I provide a photo taken on that day. So here it is. Impressive, eh? Not only is it irrelevant to you, it’s also out of focus. For me, however, it is a record of my progress on a little project I’m working on nearby. The photoContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: TODAY”

She batted those beautiful eyes at me, and I thought of the Kingdom.

This morning I savoured the confection that is winter in Canada. The trees on Trail 10 were frosted with yesterday’s snow, twinkling in the early morning light. I’d let my beautiful bride sleep in, making sure she could find the coffee when she woke up. I was the only one in the woods, and theContinue reading “She batted those beautiful eyes at me, and I thought of the Kingdom.”

Listen to Your Girdle

The other day I hit TRAIL 10, a cross-country ski trail that meanders through the woods to the bank of the Ottawa River. The snow was fast—not icy, but slick and granular, like trillions of minute, oil-drenched pearls. I am naturally a speed freak, so I decided to take advantage of the conditions and setContinue reading “Listen to Your Girdle”

Stirring With a Spurtle

In the kitchen, I am a compulsive and passionate stirrer. My wife observed this trait early in our marriage, and the two disparate statements heard most frequently in our kitchen when we’ve been cooking together are, “Rob, I need you to stir this for me”, and, “Just leave it alone and let it cook, forContinue reading “Stirring With a Spurtle”

Sweating Moms and Teetering Tots

I took a bike ride into the city this afternoon–the way in at a good clip to clear my head (it didn’t work) and the way back at a more leisurely pace just to enjoy the afternoon. There’s nothing like a ride along a wooded path on a good machine, the whisper of tires onContinue reading “Sweating Moms and Teetering Tots”

Never Mind The Empty Parking Lot

If you read my post on 9 January you may remember that I mentioned some possible indications that cross-country skiing might be risky. I’d like to supplement that list. This appendix to the previous post is a result of my experience this afternoon on the otherwise beautiful Trail 10, a 4-km path of bliss thatContinue reading “Never Mind The Empty Parking Lot”