Living With Your Head in the Clouds


Have you ever been accused of living with your head in the clouds? I have. Often.

Moses had his head in the clouds once, too–and it was a good thing. Terrifying, but good. I was reading about that experience this morning in Exodus 19. It took place at Mount Sinai, just before God gave the Law to the people of Israel about six weeks (“on the third new moon”, EXO 19.1) after they had miraculously escaped 430 years of slavery in Egypt.

In this passage, God calls to Moses out of the mountain so he can prepare  the people for their awesome confrontation with the Most High God. In verse 9 He says,

Behold, I am coming to you in a thick cloud, that the people may hear when I speak with you, and may also believe you forever.

On the third day, after all the spiritual preparations have been made, God calls Moses onto the top of the mountain, into the cloud, and delivers the Law.

I was struck this morning by God’s words to Moses in this text. God uses His personal interaction with Moses, in the sight and hearing of the entire congregation, to validate Moses’ ministry and provide the credibility and authority he will need for the next forty years as he leads this wicked, belligerent, rebellious nation through the wilds of the Sinai.

I had to ask myself, What provides credibility and authority as I seek to serve people and speak truth into their lives? As others observe me, can they witness my interaction with God through His Word? Do they become participants as they see my life and listen to my words?

In other words, Do I live with my head in the clouds?


What do you think?

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