Shootin’ Hoops in the Windy City

This morning I feel compelled to commit an act of commentary.

I normally don’t use Facebook or my blog as a political soapbox, and I am not about to make it my habit to do so. But today I just can’t help myself.

About an hour ago I watched Robert Gibbs, the former Obama press secretary, reiterate the fact that the president inherited a horrible mess four years ago, that he has moved forward across the board to repair the damage, yaddayaddayadda.

Assuming that is so–that he inherited a big mess, and I won’t dispute it–the president has squandered his inheritance to an obscene degree. If he were to be re-elected, what he would be inheriting tomorrow morning would be exponentially worse than what he was saddled with four years ago. How would he explain that?

And what is he doing this morning? Shootin’ hoops in the Windy City.

Shootin’ hoops, because that’s his election day tradition. Shootin’ hoops. Something guys in New York and New Jersey would love to do today if they had the gas to drive to the gym. And if they could somehow turn the lights and heat on in the gym once they got there. Shootin’ hoops is something they would love to do if they didn’t have to spend the day figuring out how they were going to feed their kids. Or where they were going to spend the night. Or how they were going to stay warm. Or how they were going to clean up the devastation caused by the water and the wind.

While the Guy in Charge is shootin’ hoops in the Windy City.


6 thoughts on “Shootin’ Hoops in the Windy City”

  1. I guess it must have helped, considering the outcome. Chris Christie didn’t do Romney any favors and God may have used him to sway voters to O. I told several people before the election that if O won, I believe it would be God’s stern judgment on our nation. We’re in for a rough ride, Christians and non-Christians alike, but I know God sets up rulers and he takes them down so he has a plan that we just have to trust. I can no longer listen to the radio talk shows, conservative or not (“woulda, coulda, shoulda”) or any other mainstream media because I can’t stand the pontificating, gloating or downright hatred and name calling I’m sure to hear. I’ve heard and seen nothing on politics after O went over the 270 electoral vote mark election night. I’m sure I’ll get back to it at some point, but right now it’s doing me no good.

    Thanks for your blog. Spot on.

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  2. Oh Rob; there’s always someone who has to stop everything just to talk about reality. Let it go and get a life; after all – isn’t that what Obama was doing by shooting hoops? (Come to think about it, I guess that’s what he’s been doing for the past four years…hmmm). Never mind, Rog:-)(

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