How the World Got to Be the Way It Is, Part 2

This morning I was on the web looking at a presentation on femto photography, and on the same site there was a video about marriage. Curious, I watched part of it. I’m not shocked by too much anymore, sad to say, but I was astounded at the depth of the speaker’s contempt for marriage and anyone who would aspire to it. Though the video was meant to be humourous, I was not amused. The unbridled mockery of this sacred relationship was disturbing.

And that’s just marriage–something even atheists engage in, commit to and appreciate. Scorn for Christianity is exponentially more vicious and sinister. As we continue to move through 2 Peter 3, we discover why:

 “…knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires.” (2 Pet 3.4  ESV)

In a single clause, Peter describes the attitudes, the activities, and the agenda of those who reject Christianity and all it stands for. He tells us that in the last days–which began in his lifetime and have continued into ours–scoffers will come. The Bible has a lot to say about scoffers. In Psalm 1.1, David warns against joining with them in their arrogance. The Book of Proverbs describes scoffers many times. Here’s a sampling: they take great delight in what they do (1.22), they bear the responsibility for what they do (9.12),  they do not listen to rebuke (13.1), they act with arrogant pride (21.24), they cause strife (22.10) and they are “an abomination to mankind” (24.9).

That’s straightforward.

Peter says scoffers will come with scoffing. Well, of course they will–why wouldn’t they? That’s like saying bakers will come with baking, ball players will come playing ball, and mothers will come with children, right? Not really, because in the previous chapter Peter describes false prophets, also present in these last days, whose methods are very different. They are deceptive, but scoffers are derisive. False prophets act covertly; scoffers act overtly.

False prophets work behind your back. Scoffers are in your face.

And scoffers have an agenda. They are worshippers of self and want to live as they please. This self-absorption is nothing new–it started in Eden and has continued throughout history. People want to live without God, or to serve a god of their own making. In our world, this desire has become even more pronounced–in fact, it is celebrated and championed. And as we’ll see, it spills over into every area of life.

Love of self covers humanity like scum on a pond.

I found the above image on the website of American Vision by way of a Google image search. 


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