Weekly Photo Challenge: BLUE

When I think of the words, “photo” and “blue”, in the same sentence, I think of the “wild blue yonder.” This image is from Canada Day 2010, when the Queen was in town and she received an honourary flypast from Canada’s own Snowbirds. I just caught them before they left the frame. The sky that day was a deep blue, and the red and white of the Maple Leaf seemed especially brilliant against it.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: BLUE”

  1. What a `crisply’ clear & beautiful shot you got here, Rob, even though it was just as they were leaving the frame! I know the thrill of watching such an exhibition. This past March while staying in Summerdale, AL, we drove 30 miles to the Pensacola Naval Air Station one early Weds. morning to enjoy the Blue Angels in their weekly training exercises. What a thrill! Unfortunately, I use my iPhone 4S as my all-around use camera. In most instances, it has proven to takes pics as good as my NIKON Coolpix 5200. Where it fails is in `SPORTS’, zoom & composition shots:-( However; I did get `some’ nice pics, nevertheless.
    I’d also like to compliment you & Donna on your latest personal photos; they are not only great pics, but the two of you look so good in them; hard to believe you have such a large family w so many little `knee biters’ running around – and they’re adorable:-) Have a wonderful day. From Greenville, SC, Clovis ‘n Ann:-)

    1. Thanks for your gracious comments, Clovis. The cheque is in the mail. I’m sure that practice run with the Blue Angels was a thrill. I’m astounded that there isn’t a fiery crash every time these squadrons take off.

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