Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Sometimes the sun is more noticeable when it can’t actually be seen.

When a child draws a picture of the sun, it is usually yellow and has rays radiating from a big circle. But when we look directly at the sun, we don’t see it that way. In fact, its light is so intense we don’t’ see much at all. What we see in the split second before we clamp our eyes shut against its blinding brilliance is a white sphere encircled by a scintillating aura of gases.

The rays of the sun, as in this photo taken between Loja and Catamayo, Ecuador, are more visible when the sun is partially obscured by clouds or trees or something else that will snatch its light and hurl it down at us.

In life, believers sometimes lose sight of the glory of God because of circumstances or people who seem to hide Him from us. Then, by His grace, He slips from behind the clouds and the light of His goodness cascades down on us.

The fact that we can’t see the sun doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


What do you think?

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