What Is a Family?

Today is Family Day in Ontario.

That sounds wholesome enough, and one might applaud the government’s interest in promoting the family and giving Dad, Mom and the kids a day to spend together. But what is a family in Ontario? What, precisely, does Family Day promote? Here are some of the permutations of that familiar (sic) word:

Two married adults, a mother and father,  and their own children.

Ditto, but with one or more adopted children, possibly in addition to their natural children.

A married man and woman living with children they had in previous relationships, and possibly children they have had together or adopted.

Ditto, but unmarried.

A single mother, unmarried, divorced, widowed or separated, and her children–natural or adopted.

A single father, unmarried, divorced, widowed or separated,  and his children. (Admittedly, this one is pretty rare.)

Two women and any confused children who may live with them, either hers or hers, or perhaps adopted children or children produced through medical intervention.

Ditto, but with the genders changed. And no medical intervention we know of can allow men to have children–it will have to be adoption for them.

A man with more than one woman and any children who live with them. This is supposed to be illegal, but times, they is a changin’ and multiculturalism, if it is to be consistent, will have to allow for polygamy at some point. It already exists in some sectors of the population, though not openly. (One thing that fascinates me about polygamy is that one never hears of a woman living with more than one husband. Give it a few years.)

So, there you have it–the Ontario family. Something to celebrate and perpetuate. Eh?


What do you think?

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