God in the Rock

Last week we took our son and his family to Ottawa’s splendid National Museum of Nature. One of my favourite exhibits there is the breathtaking display of rocks and minerals, and when we got home I began to think about geodes–those surprising globs of stone that are so ugly on the outside and so spectacular on the inside.

Donna and I have traveled to Uruguay many times, and during one trip I bought her a beautiful amethyst brooch. The jeweler told me that Uruguay is one of only two countries in the world where amethyst is actively mined. The other is Canada. Just before I bought this gem, Uruguayan miners in the departamento of Artigas had unearthed a twelve-ton geode, surely one of the largest amethysts on record. We have seen many of these rocks on display in Uruguayan shops, some of them as large as retrievers, their mottled, grey-brown shells belying the dazzling splendour of the purple crystals inside.

Isn’t it just like God to do such a thing? His infinite creativity is not restricted to what we can see, but it is even buried deep in the earth and then hidden in ugly rocks, revealed only to those who have the passion and patience to look. I am led to speculate as to what other undiscovered wonders lie hidden in the earth.

Mere knowledge of God, without a relationship to Him, is like a geode unbroken.

(Image is from http://foodartmusiclife.blogspot.com/2011/01/geode.html  )


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