Please Pass the Carrots, Lord

What would you do if Jesus invited Himself to your house for the day?

“What a crazy question,”  you say.

Really? Ask Zacchaeus.

You may remember Zacchaeus was the little rich guy from Jericho, the chief tax collector in the city. So he was not only short, he was also crooked. Viewed by the Jews as a traitor and a criminal, he was intrigued by the Nazarene and made sure he could catch a glimpse of Him when He visited his city. Not being able to see above the heads of the throng of people who lined the streets, he climbed a sycamore  tree to get a better view. The Lord saw him there and astounded him by saying, “Zacchaeus, hurry and come down, for I must stay at your house today.” (Luk 19.5, ESV)

What would you do with Jesus all day? Would you be pleased to have Him in your home, or embarrassed? Would you feel like He were imposing on you by just dropping in like that and not giving you time to clean up the place, put away some stuff that might not be appropriate for a divine visit, and buy some groceries?

Would you invite your friends and neighbours to come over? Would you be afraid about how your children might behave?

Would you feed Him? What would you feed Him? Would you ask Him what he wanted? How would you “say grace” at the table–or would you ask Him to do that?

What would you talk about? What do you think He would want to talk about?

Would you give Him a tour of your house? What if He asked for one?

What would you do after dinner? Would you watch TV? Listen to music? Play a game? Would you suggest moving into the living room and tell Him it was OK to put his feet on the coffee table if He wished? Would you offer Him a snack?

Perhaps you would simply throw yourself prostrate at His feet and worship Him with an overflowing, trembling, grateful heart.

Oh, and by the way–He will be spending the day at your house. Today and every day.


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