Departing to the Red Sea

Does anyone else find it ironic that deposed President Mubarak sought refuge at the Red Sea? One of his predecessors didn’t fare so well there, as I recall. And wasn’t the military involved in that episode, too?

I’m not sure I understand what people in the West expect to happen in Egypt and other Middle Eastern states where copycat revolutions might occur in the days ahead. All this talk in our media about the thirst for democracy seems naive and even condescending. Surely we don’t expect Muslim societies to push for western-style democracy, do we? Democracy and Islam are diametrically opposed to one another. (Actually, so are democracy and biblical Christianity.)

My own opinion is that the people of Egypt want to choose their own form of Islamic rule. I call that freedom of choice, but not democracy. We say they want democracy, but I have yet to hear them say it. Like the Obama supporters of 2008, what they want is change. And like the Obama supporters of 2008, change they will have.

We might be in for a very big surprise when we see what they choose–or what they get.


2 thoughts on “Departing to the Red Sea”

  1. Really? But we are sure that Egypt will have a democracy, especially if the Muslim Brotherhood wins, because we know they are a secular society. (groan….)

    And to think these US leaders who are gathering information to protect the USA and to give wisdom and insight to the President! I think the USA is in trouble.

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