This week a local woman we know of had a medical procedure in which a laser was used to cut and fold back a growth wrapped around her esophagus. This was an outpatient procedure—incredible!—and she is recovering with three days of speechlessness and a gallon of Breyers’ vanilla ice cream.

The first words of God recorded in the Scriptures are, “Let there be light.” And there was light—a dazzling, globe-encompassing brilliance that was not created from anything but simply emanated from His eternal Person at His word.

Scientists still haven’t figured out if light is matter or energy. We don’t really know what light is, but we know God is light. Jesus is the “Light of the world,” the “true Light which gives light to every man,” and the Bible is a “light to [our] path.”

Just as light can flood an entire hemisphere or be focused to scalpel sharpness, so the Word can an expose the nature of the entire human race or perform micro-surgery on a single soul. The True Light can accomplish infinitely more than even the most sophisticated laser and we are the ones with whom God has entrusted it.  (From Carta del norte, 4 April 2008)


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