A Great Week

This week we enjoyed a visit from some of our children and grandchildren. Jordan and Sue and their girls, Elyse and Emily, weren’t able to be here. We really missed them, even though they were with us during Winterlude. But we had a great time with Anneke and Izaak and their three children: Shiloh, Eli and Brynna. Seth and Bethany came, too. It was a pleasure to introduce them all to our new city and its many delights: Kettleman’s bagels; Parliament Hill; Major’s Hill Park; the Rideau Canal; Shirley’s Bay (by canoe); the Nepean Equestrian Centre; Tim Hortons; Byward Market; the Mosaika light show; beaver tails; Bridgehead Coffee and our dear friends James and Beate Evans.

It was a delight to eat together, laugh like crazy; talk about theology and church ministry; enjoy the antics of the children and experience the beauty of the NCR. The weather was spectacular most days and though it wasn’t the most restful week in our family’s history–we were on the go constantly–we thoroughly enjoyed just being in each other’s company.

It was fun to watch Anneke and Seth rediscover their Canadian identities as they remembered stores and businesses; brand names; flavours; sounds and smells. Taking my grandsons for their first canoe ride was a delight, and the Ottawa River was calm and adorned with sails.

Now, as life returns to normal–whatever that may be–we will enjoy many happy memories of this week together. We thank God for allowing us to raise three fantastic children and for giving them spouses who love Him and them with passion. And those five little people who call us “Gramm” and “Pops”–well, my vocabulary is not equipped to adequately describe the joy they are to us!


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